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Driving Client Testimonials

"I joined the transport department in December 2016. When I joined the department, XP Recruitment was the main agency that we used, along with roughly 6 others. In the year I've been in the role, the number of drivers that we get in from XP Recruitment has increased and that of other agencies decreased. This has been a choice at our end, and is mainly due to the reliability of the agency, flexibility and quality of the drivers and also down to the relationship that I have with XP Recruitment. This makes it an easy process of getting drivers in along with a mutual understanding between the two of us. This time last year we had roughly 40% of agency drivers being XP Recruitment and this figure is now closer to 80%. As a business we are looking at decreasing our pool of agencies and increasing the usage of 2 or 3 left over. The increasing driver availability from XP Recruitment gives us more confidence in ceasing ties with other agencies that we aren't happy with the service from. Key reasons for XP Recruitment being our main agency:

  • Good contact in our dedicated consultant (easy to get hold of, goes the extra mile to fulfil our needs and helpful in all aspects)
  • Large pool of good quality drivers
  • A number of live haul trained drivers (hopefully more to come)
  • Flexible and reliable drivers
  • Drivers that want to work for us (through XP Recruitment)
  • If a pre booked driver cancels (which is rare) then XP Recruitment will always fill that slot with another driver
  • Contactable 24 hours of the day

The above points are why we are increasing the use of XP Recruitment drivers, something which works well for us and hopefully yourselves too."

"I have always found XP Recruitment professional and helpful. I have never had any supply issues and the drivers on arrival have been well presented and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses and do so on a regular basis."

"XP Recruitments quick response to all bookings has allowed our company to run smoothly, taking away the stress of finding suitable drivers. The staff provided have always been of a high caliber and the level of service has been excellent, at any time day or night. Since October 2005 the introduction of a Master Vendor agreement has meant that we only have to contact XP Recruitment to fill all of our agency requirements. In turn, XP Recruitment liaise with a number of local agencies to fulfill their commitment at all times. I would on a personal and professional level have no hesitation in recommending XP Recruitment as a competent and efficient agency."

"The service provided by XP Recruitment has been first class. The consultants have always been efficient and quick to respond. The drivers have always been experienced, helpful and flexible. The 24 hour service is manned by the same staff that we deal with on a daily basis. It is always manned and we are able to get an immediate response. Even when the volumes increase in our busier periods we are provided with the same continuity of service. I would fully recommend them without any reservations to any client or company within a similar industry."

"The nature of our work is customer facing; therefore drivers have to be of a very high caliber. The work involved is Artic multi-drop, often in London which can be difficult to fill. The drivers provided by XP Recruitment have been extremely well suited to the job. XP Recruitment has been quick to respond for each and every booking, even for immediate out of hours bookings."

"I called XP Recruitment out of hours this morning and was incredibly impressed with their outstanding Service. Even though it was early, they were very polite and most helpful. I asked them for a driver and after listening to our requirements / criteria they were very prompt advising me that they felt sure they would cover this and said they would phone me back within 10 minutes. They did just as they said and approximately 5 minutes later called me back with a drivers name following it up by a text message so I had all the information to hand. They then said that they would call me back within 10 minutes with an ETA for the driver at our site and again less than 10 minutes later they did just that. I am very impressed with the service I received this morning from XP Recruitment, and from this I am hoping we can build a close relationship together, all from their service this morning. The Corby team sure are a real asset to XP Recruitment and I would be most grateful if you can please pass on my sincere thanks to them."

"The service provided by XP Recruitment has been first class with drivers supplied, always prompt to requested times. They are equipped properly and most importantly from our point of view they have been well briefed on the job they will be expected to do. As a result XP Recruitment has now become our first call whenever we need a HGV driver. Where XP have proved to be most useful is when a driver is required at relatively short notice. There have been very few occasions where they have been unable to fill our driver requirements."

"We have used XP Recruitment for a number of years now and always found them professional and helpful. Their driving staff are well presented, they are of a decent standard and the office teams' are always a delight to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend them."

Industrial Client Testimonials

"XP Recruitment have been a valuable asset to our business and business needs since they have joined us. The rates are excellent and very competitive. Liaison has been great with regular site visits and constant phone calls to ensure that they fully understand our needs. I would recommend XP Recruitment to anyone!"

"I have been using XP Recruitment for approximately 6 months. The rates are excellent and very competitive. Liason has been great with regular site visits and constant telephone calls to ensure that they fully understand our needs. I would recommend XP Recruitment to anybody."